Purposeful Q+A: Betsy Mordecai

The Olympics certainly could be one of the coolest ways to learn event planning skills. That’s where Betsy Mordecai got her start, first in Los Angeles and then at 14 Games around the world. “I fell in love with the Olympics and the excitement of events.”  

Today, rather than taking a traditional job title at her Denver-based company MorEvents, she calls herself Queen of Quite a Lot. “It means not that I’m queen but more that I do everything. It puts me on an even playing field and says I’d do anything that someone asks me to do.” As explained on her website, “This hands-on approach once left her spending a whole day changing sheets at a tiny boutique hotel in Aix Les Bains, France,” in association with the 1992 Olympics.

Betsy still brings a little bit of everything to the table when she plans traditional breakfasts or luncheons for mission-driven organizations. For example, Denver Hospice worked with Morevents in 2014 to update their annual Mask Project fundraiser and gala. The organization wanted something new and different, according to Betsy, ideally a breakfast or lunch. But “to have a luncheon about death is not easy,” she said. So her team came up with the idea to bring an unexpected speaker to talk about hospice care: Marcus Lutrell, also known as the Lone Survivor.

“Denver Hospice is about death and understanding death. And Marcus Luttrell, he saw death in a whole different way,” Betsy said. It turned out having a unique speaker transformed the event, both raising dollars for the nonprofit and giving the audience a new perspective on hospice care and end-of-life planning.

Along with leading Morevents, Betsy serves on a board and volunteers her time. Growing up, her family prioritized philanthropy, and that continues to be something she wants to pass down her her son and her staff. “We’re in a place that we just feel it’s important to give back. It’s really important.”

What questions do you have about event planning for nonprofits and mission-driven organizations? Ask them here, and I’ll get them answered for you in a future post!

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