Purposeful Q+A: Betsy Mordecai

The Olympics certainly could be one of the coolest ways to learn event planning skills. That’s where Betsy Mordecai got her start, first in Los Angeles and then at 14 Games around the world. “I fell in love with the Olympics and the excitement of events.”  

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Purposeful Interview: Jeani Frickey Saito + The Drive for Literacy

The daughter of a high school art teacher and librarian, Jeani Frickey Saito grew up in Lakewood and attended Jefferson County Public Schools. After more than 15 years as a successful contract lobbyist, Jeani left a diverse client base to lead Stand for Children Colorado and focus her full-time attention to issues impacting education. 

When you were in school, studying journalism, what did you expect to do for your career?

I grew up admiring investigative reporters. I really saw journalism as a way to advocate and change the world. But, when I was in college, Metro still had The Capitol Reporter, a weekly paper that covered the state legislature. We were all responsible for a beat and somehow mine ended up being the Joint Budget Committee and Appropriations. I remember sitting through JBC Hearings as a sophomore in college, trying to get a handle on everything. That is where I fell in love with the Capitol.

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Case Study: Im'Unique

Im’Unique is a young nonprofit led by the inspirational Tyrone Beverly. He built his organization from the ground-up, centered on the idea that integrating yoga, wellness, and dialogue can change the world for the better. Tyrone and Im’Unique bring the community together to talk about some of today’s most important and challenging topics, including police and race relations as well as mental illness.

In 2016, Tyrone was one of six nonprofit leaders chosen to be a part of the Innovators Society, sponsored by the Community First Foundation of Colorado. For nearly a year, Tyrone worked with coaches, including Kristina from Partner + Purpose, building toward a Shark Tank-style pitch in September.

In partnership, Kristina helped Tyrone build a business plan, develop his fundraising pitch, get attention from major media outlets, and ultimately earn more than $110,000 at the Innovators Society Pitch Session.

Earned Media Highlights:

9News: Instructor Wants to Heal Police, Race Relations Through Yoga

Denver Post: Denver Wellness Fest Takes on Police Relations with Yoga and Conversation

5280 Magazine: Man Bringing Free Yoga to Underserved Communities

Westword: Ten Things to Do in Denver for $10 or Less